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Tuesday, September 6, 2005 In France, 235,000 children would be in danger.

of Tuesday, September 6, 2005 In France, 235,000 children would be in danger. This is the information given by the first report of the National Observatory of Children at Risk (ONED created there only a year. Several newspapers, including Le Monde echoed in this report. The replacement absent teachers is a hot topic. Humanity comes to this issue and learn in an AFP dispatch that heads of etabnlissement refuse to "hunt for teachers." … Good Read ——- ————————————— Liberation 00/01/05 Afterwards chick "Mom is coming just now?" Mathieu plunged his eyes into those of Miriam. it’s open mouth fell arms, he whines to small words. the centerpiece is squatting. She strokes his chin. "Mathieu, all day your mom comes looking for you. you know that today she will come too, when she has finished working. Okay, Matthew? "the boy turns his head. He crosses the camera. looking terrified. The teacher spends hand on the child’s chest. "You have to relax a little chick. Ah! It’s hard is not it? Go. "She kisses him on the forehead. We are in a kindergarten PTA ranked eighteenth arrondissement of Paris. It is the hour of recreation. Children play on the water slide, run, scream, laugh. Mathieu is left alone in the yard. Two teachers are watching through the window. [...] It was Sunday at 22 h 29, Eric Gueret Mother tongues on France 5. More Article ——————— ———————— Le Figaro 00/01/05 ————- Nothing seen … —————————— Humanity of 00/01/05 absent Trainers, a problem that is waiting for real solutions " are not there those. "With the" always on vacation ", absenteeism is undoubtedly the main pot that drag their teachers. To the point that managing their replacement resulted in the writing of an article of the framework law on the school. But what is it, exactly? Read more of the article The fight against homophobia blocked several associations fighting against homophobia challenge education authorities about the lack of cruel homophobia prevention activities in schools and denounce institutional blockages. Cite (bad) example: the rector of Nancy-Metz Academy, who declined to Colors Cheerful approval to conduct prevention activities in high schools. "The fight against homophobia is not responding to a general interest" would have explained the rectory. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- ——— the Parisiendu 00/01/05 (paid) in language, the "strong" on one side, the "low" on the other piercing one nostril and sparkling blue eyes, Marion, 15, is a pioneer who know. Last year, it was not in her class but second in team ability that student Marie Curie High School Vire learned German. Read more of the article The law on secularism The law on secularism, which prohibits for a year to wear conspicuous religious symbols in schools, was widely respected in Alsace. Last year, more than 200 girls – against 500 in 2003 – had come veiled in progress. This Friday, … Read More Article ————————————- ———– the Cross of 00/01/05 delinquency of girls is uncertain confession by teenagers of the murderous fire of L’Hay-les-Roses reflects a violence Women still very marginal Read more Article ————————————— ——— 20 minutes from 00/01/05 Education: number one for parents of students with disabilities a helpline has been opened in the North to the parents of disabled children. By calling 03 20 14 93 51, parents and teachers can be made aware of the new provisions on the education of students with disabilities, as required by a new law. Read more of the article Chronicle of a regular back "What is a home? It’s simple. Everyone wants to see you, "Friday, 8 am 15. Martine, thirty-five years of teaching at the kindergarten Peyssonnel the 3rd arrondissement of Marseille, twenty-two as Director, n is not worried. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —— West of France 00/01/05 Children in danger: the cacophony the great trial of Angers and Outreau, a series of cases of pedophilia and child abuse revealed the deficiencies of protection Children in France. One hundred personalities launch this week a call and the National Childhood Observatory in danger proposes to rethink the system. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —— Le Monde 00/01/05 in France, 235,000 children would be in danger This is a brand new institution in the landscape of child protection: the National child Observatory in danger (ONED), which is headed by a professor of education, Paul Durning was established there only a year. The ONED is responsible for "more about the endangered childhood field to better prevent and better treat" He needs to collect figures on child abuse and identify experiences "which evaluated results were deemed inconclusive." In its first annual report, submitted Monday, September 5 to Philippe Bas, Minister for the Family, the Observatory started with a dry but necessary work: accurately measure the number of children in danger, abused or in situations of fragility. Read more of the article Hundred personalities are calling for a public debate on child protection They are judges, board chairs general, association leaders or child psychiatrists. All work in the children’s sector and, despite their political differences, these hundred personalities have decided to sign a text for the "revival of child protection", to be released Thursday, September 8th. "Recognizing that our device is more efficient than is commonly said, but perfectible, they write, we decide to launch a call for the organization of public debate through departmental and national General." The Minister for the Family, Philippe Bas, received them recently. The idea was born in Seine-Saint-Denis, in May, when opened the Angers pedophile trial. Two "friends of thirty years," the child and family director of the department, Claude Romeo, and the president of the juvenile court of Bobigny, Jean-Pierre Rosenczveig, decide to meet professionals, elected officials and association around the same conclusion: it is necessary, they think, stop treating problems "hot" and organize real retreats on child protection. To their surprise, signatures Read more affluent section ———————————– —– Le Nouvel Observateur Daily 00/01/05 235,000 children under protection the National child Observatory in danger issued its first annual report in which he refers to "wealth" but also "gaps". Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —————- a selection from the headlines 00/01/05 the school leaders: no replacements imposed the union of principals, the SNPDEN has recalled Tuesday before the press his opposition to teacher replacements absent for less than a fortnight "imposed" to colleagues and said he "would not hunt for teachers." Read more of the article Chambery strike Teachers for the departure of their main Forty teachers about fifty-five have been on strike since Friday for the start of principal of Louise de Savoie school in Chambery, which hosts 735 students, does said Tuesday from the rectory. The teachers accuse the headmaster, in office for 3 years, to have created a bad atmosphere within the facility for months and dysfunctional behavior, work organization and communication, according to one of the ones who did not want to be quoted. Read more of the article Calvados: the disappointments of a couple who can not find a college for their child hyperactive since last February and the dismay of a couple of Villerville (Calvados), plus any school of their region wants to host their child Micky, 13, reached from a young age hyperactivity disability. "I am out and increasingly destitute," said the Associated Press Isabelle Audou, sobs in his voice, his mom thought that in this school year have found a facility to accommodate her son. "But at the last moment and after consultation with a child psychiatrist was told he would not be welcomed." Since February, when he was sent home from yet another college, Micky is no longer in school and while school is compulsory up to 16 years. It was his mother who made her class as she can between her housework mother of three children. Read more of the article to keep school and college, the island Mullein merges private and public The small island of Mullein, 232 people doing homework for money
including 14 school children, managed to merge public and private education in order to maintain a school and college on its territory, the coast of Finistere, while declining enrollment threatened the existence of the two institutions. Read more of the article 750 students of a college Isere find the door closed on Tuesday for security reasons For security reasons, the mayor of Sassenage (Isere), Christian COIGNE took a Monday afternoon closure order of Alexander Fleming College is to host from Tuesday morning 750 students, have we learned from the town hall. But Jacques Aubry, the Isere academy inspector, judge "baseless" the mayor’s decision and ordered the principal of the college to accommodate students as expected. For him, safety in college and is assured "it is more dangerous to leave children in the street." Accompanied by elected officials, police and parents, Mr. COIGNE found Monday during a tour of the premises that the work of compliance of buildings-which had received an unfavorable opinion of the departmental committee on security June dernier- had not been made in full. "There is no question of leaving children in the building where the emergency exits are not in compliance, the fire walls nonexistent. Electrical cabinets are installed on stairs and storage is done in defiance of all instructions security ", denounced the mayor who" does not want to play with child safety. " Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —————————- for more VousNousIls the site (Section dispatches education AFP) the Yahoo News site, The house under education teachers teaching the essential coffee Posted by Watrelot on Tuesday, September 6, 2005